Dessert-Tasting Extravaganza I

Patsy Jamieson talks desserts

Nine chefs recently offered a one-of-a-kind dessert tasting at 43 King Street.

The desserts were tarts, cakes, cookies, pastries, and cream desserts, and participants were able to try one choice in each of those five categories. Everything was delicious, the twenty-two lucky tasters agreed.

The contributing chefs were Caroline Loison, Aude Fiore, Nikki Matheson, Patsy Jamieson, Diane Raza Butler, Andrea Condrea, Sylvie Butel, Cheryl McAllister, and Alysse Anton. Chapeau, mesdames!

Alysse Anton, AFLCR prof extraordinaire and owner of Your French Connection, organized the event in conjunction with the Alliance, which was delighted to offer the venue for this year’s tasting.

Small recipe booklets with some historical background were provided.