Dessert Extravaganza 2018

22 lucky tasters and 9 chefs gathered at 43 King Street earlier this spring for a one-of-a-kind dessert tasting organizers hope will be held again next year. Cakes, pies, traditional cookies, pastries and deserts were all featured, and participants were able to try one of the choices available in all five categories. Organized in conjunction with Alysse Anton, AFLCR prof extraordinaire and owner of Your French Connection, the Alliance was delighted to offer the venue for this year’s tasting and hopes to participate again in the future. Our biggest thank you to our contributing chefs: Caroline Loison, Aude Fiore, Nikki Matheson, Patsy Jameson, Diane Raza Butler, Andreea Condrea, Sylvie Butel, Cheryl Mcalister and Alysse Anton. Chapeau mesdames! Small recipe booklets with some historical background were provided and may still be available from Alysse if anyone desires to know what these “must have” desserts were. One thing for sure is they were all delicious!