Volunteering at the AFLCR is an opportunity for you to deepen your involvement with your local Francophone community. By volunteering, you engage with others who share the your interest in French language and culture. Connecting with your fellow Francophiles will bring you cultural immersion and enhance your learning.

At the same time, your efforts provide us with valuable and much needed support.

Our volunteers work in communication, education, development, and outreach. They help ensure the quality of the programs and services we offer.

Specific projects vary, but volunteers assist by:

  • Editing and managing the website
  • Editing and managing the newsletter
  • Writing for the website (see below)
  • Leading social hours, walks, and conversation groups
  • Assisting with fundraising events and membership drives
  • Helping with administrative tasks
  • Setting up for cultural events and cleaning up afterward

We value your suggestions, ideas, and insights. 

Are you interested in volunteering? Please complete this form, and you’ll hear from us soon.

Interested in Volunteering?

Seeking Writers for the Website

Do you like to put words together?  Do you have thoughts and impressions you’d like to share about French culture and language in Vermont? We’re looking for writers for the “Culture” page of the AFLCR website (with a tie-in to the newsletter).

Subject: Topics relating to French culture and language as they are found in Vermont. By “French” we mean relating not only to France proper but also to the rest of the Francophone world. 

Maybe you attended a Francophone performance or other event—what did you think of it? Maybe you’ve read a book in French recently—you could write a simple book report (or a review if you’re ambitious).  Have you seen a French-language movie or series that meant a lot to you? Tell us about it. Have you read or watched something recently on the Culturethèque? We want to know about it. Maybe you attended an art exhibition—how was it? Or a lecture—what was the gist? 

Have you learned something recently about history (e.g., the Champlain era, the Quebec immigration era) that you’d like to share? Maybe you visited a French historical site in the state—you could tell us about it. If you traveled to a French-speaking country recently, what were your impressions, what did you learn? And more. 

Since we are close geographically and in other respects to Quebec, topics related to Quebec language and culture are welcome,  including events like the Montreal jazz festival, an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art, etc.

If you have an idea for a piece and would like to run it by us before writing it, fine. If you’re not a writer but have a topic you’d like to suggest, go for it. Write to Janet at info@aflcr.org

Length: At least 200 words. Since we publish online, it can be as long as you need it to be, but please know that if your piece needs editing for clarity and conciseness, we’ll do that. Your byline will appear at the end unless you tell us you prefer anonymity. 

Deadline: The fifteenth of each month, for publication by the first day of the following month. 

Artwork: For the website, we need two images (photography or other art), one for the “tile” on the home page, and one to accompany the body text inside. You can supply us with images that you prefer—but please make sure they are 300dpi in size. They must not violate copyright law (that is, you took the photo yourself, or you’re using it with the permission of the person who took it, or it’s in the public domain). 

On the other hand, if artwork isn’t all that important to you, say so, and the website editor will find suitable images in public domain sites.

Pay: Sadly, there’s no pay–it’s volunteer work, like so much else with the AFLCR. Upside: la gloire!