Translation services

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Richard Gliech partners with the AFLCR to offer professional French translation services in northern Vermont. A native French speaker, Richard has been providing superior French translations to clients across North America since 1991. He will translate:

  • From English to French and vice versa, as well as interpret and offer language consulting services
  • All types of documents: instruction manuals, websites, menus, contracts, birth/marriage certificates, and much more
  • Documents related to technology/engineering, medicine, law, business, and hospitality

Richard will provide for all your needs for professional French translation.

Bonus: All AFLCR members receive $25.00 off their first translation by Richard.

For more information, visit or contact Richard at or (802) 735-3227.

French-English language services

Marc Juneau

AFLCR teacher Marc Juneau offers nontechnical translating, interpreting, and other French-language services. He’ll translate shorter texts, facilitate immigration and naturalization interviews, help with job applications and orientations, aid genealogical research, and much more.

AFLCR members receive a discount of 10 to 25 percent depending on the service.

For more information, contact Marc directly at (802) 777-9365 or