July 14: Don’t Call It Bastille Day!

It's "La Fête Nationale Française”

Exploring Ancestry and Identity

Thoughts on "Les Filles du QUOI?"

Cherry Clafoutis, a French Summer Delight

Clafoutis is a rustic French dessert that can best be described as a baked custardy fruit pancake. This dish originated in the Limousin region of central France, which is renowned for its cherries. The word…

Winooski French Heritage Festival

Heritage Day returns to Winooski ... bringing French food, music, and conversation

Marie-Josée Explains La St-Jean

What is La St-Jean and where did it come from?

Cara Black’s Latest Aimee Leduc Mystery

A best-selling author talks about her new novel

Ciné-Club: Les Enfants du Paradis

One of the greatest French films of all time.

Lumières in Burlington

Cinema history long had it that the Lumières produced their Autochrome plates only in France, but thanks to Hugo Martínez-Cazón, we now know that the brothers built a factory in Burlington!

Québécois expressions!

On March 21 Marie-Joseé Duquette, of the Quebec Delegation to Boston, shared her thoughts about her native Quebec, her love for its culture, and not least, some of its distinctive expressions. Here are a few…