Vigil for Nice, July 17, 2016


We are faced with trying to make sense of horrific events that cannot be understood in rational terms. Please, let us not get used to it; and let us stand together.

In response to the reckless terrorist attack in Nice on Bastille Day, on July 17 the AFLCR held a vigil at 43 King Street. In particular, local people came together to be united in prayer or silence, as brothers and sisters in the common belief in the higher power of Love. There is no other possible interpretation in any religion.

We observed a minute of silence.  Following the vigil, the Alliance Française house stayed open to welcome those who wished to stay in communion for a moment.

There were three official days of mourning in France. As a consequence, the celebration of Bastille Day scheduled for Sunday was canceled.

Victoria Brassart-Jones
AFLCR President 

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