Trivia Night

The AFLCR’s New Monthly Event

On Tuesday, August 31st, the AFLCR will be hosting its fourth, monthly Trivia Night. The event is co-hosted by David Pearlman and Cooper Siegel, with the help of Eloise Smith. Trivia night is a Jeopardy-style event where contestants can test their knowledge of all things French.

Since May, three lovely participants have been lucky enough to win a set of Riedel Wine Glasses for their home. When asked about why she enjoys participating in Trivia Night, Sydney Lucia, the winner of our first ever Trivia Night, said: “I like meeting other people with similar interests to mine and putting my Francophone knowledge to good use! The event is super easy going and fun. Everyone is there to have a good time and wants everyone to do well.”

The Trivia questions range in difficulty from easy, 100-level questions, such as “which French museum is the most visited museum in the world?” to more challenging, 500-level questions, like: “Which Famous French poet has a street named after him in every town in France?” And of course, in true Jeopardy-fashion, the questions are stated as answers, and the answers are stated as questions.

When asked about the atmosphere at a typical Trivia Night, Marion Lynn, the winner of our second Trivia Night, said: “It’s really great! I don’t feel judged for any lack of knowledge or for doing poorly, and it’s clear that everyone is there for a fun time regardless of how many points they get.”

A typical Trivia Night features ten categories of questions, with subjects ranging from pop culture to history, to literature, art and music. Ellen Sholk, the winner of our third Trivia competition along with her husband Alan, shared: “I like the questions about grammar, language, culture, cooking, and geography. I enjoy the historical questions too. They are the ones that teach me the most, especially when I get them wrong, which happens often!”

David Pearlman, the AFLCR’s very-own “Alex Trebek”, said of Trivia Night: “I really enjoy getting to emcee the event and interact with all of the contestants! It’s always a good time!” Co-host Cooper Siegel added: “It’s fun to think about the elements of your culture that are unique, and I love that I learn something new about France every time I put together a Trivia Night. I mean, who knew that croissants originated in Austria? It is going to take me a long while to get over that discovery.”

Would you like to test your luck against these past winners? Visit our Events page to register for this fun and energetic event. No knowledge of French is required in order to participate.

If you are willing to donate a prize for an upcoming Trivia Night, please contact Cooper at