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Thoughts on "Les Filles du QUOI?"

Marie-Josée Explains La St-Jean

What is La St-Jean and where did it come from?

Québécois expressions!

On March 21 Marie-Joseé Duquette, of the Quebec Delegation to Boston, shared her thoughts about her native Quebec, her love for its culture, and not least, some of its distinctive expressions. Here are a few…

Ciné-Club: Là où Atilla passe

Drama, dir. Onur Karaman, 2015. Presented by Laurence Clerfeuille of St. Michael’s College, and sponsored by the Quebec Delegation in Boston. Atilla is the Turkish-born adopted son of Québécois couple Michel and Julie. Haunted by…

L’autre côté de novembre

Shown at the Quebec Film Festival

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

The Québec National Holiday, known as St. John the Baptist Day, falls on June 24. Vermonters who head  to Montreal or Québec City will find quite a party going on. For more information, check out…

Rencontre francophone at St. Albans

A series of cross-border Francophone gatherings

Quebec Film Festival

The fourth annual Quebec Film Festival ran from March 1 to 29 at St. Michael’s College. The films shown were: Pieds nus dans l’aube (Barefoot at Dawn), dir. Francis Leclerc, 2017; an interwar childhood; based…

Quebec-Friendly Business Seminar

Visitors from Quebec contribute to a substantial part of the economy in Northern Vermont and Chittenden County. Quebec-Friendly Business is designed to empower retail, hospitality and all other businesses engaged in cross-border commerce to better…