July 14: Don’t Call It Bastille Day!

It's "La Fête Nationale Française”

Marie-Josée Explains La St-Jean

What is La St-Jean and where did it come from?

Lumières in Burlington

Cinema history long had it that the Lumières produced their Autochrome plates only in France, but thanks to Hugo Martínez-Cazón, we now know that the brothers built a factory in Burlington!

Bastille Week Celebration

A whole week of events commemorating Bastille Day

French Heritage Day in Winooski

Samuel de Champlain and a "daughter of the king" at French Heritage Day

Samuel de Champlain Colloquium

Samuel de Champlain forever changed our region’s history by naming its green mountains “le Vermont.” His maps and travel journals offer unparalleled insight not only into the discoveries he made in his repeated trips, but into…