Quebec Film Festival

The fourth annual Quebec Film Festival ran from March 1 to 29 at St. Michael’s College. The films shown were:

Pieds nus dans l’aube (Barefoot at Dawn), dir. Francis Leclerc, 2017; an interwar childhood; based on a novel

Hochelaga, terre des âmes (Hochelaga, Land of Souls); dir. François Girard, 2017; a time-travel drama spanning indigenous, colonial, and contemporary history

Junior Majeur, dir. Eric Tessler, 2017; a teenage hockey prodigy faces dilemmas

Bagages (documentary), dir. Paul Tom, 2017; about young immigrants in Montreal

Co-sponsored by the Quebec Delegation to Boston, St. Michael’s College, and the AFLCR. Thanks to Laurence Clerfeuille and the Department of Classical & Modern Languages for hosting this event for free to our members.

March 2019 Quebec Film Festival