Our Staff

Cooper Siegel – Marketing Assistant

Hello all! My name is Cooper Siegel, and despite the sound of my name, I am actually a French-American born and raised in Paris, France. I first moved to Vermont in 2016 in order to attend Middlebury College, where I majored in English and American Literature and minored in Elementary Education. Since my graduation in May 2020, I have relocated to Burlington with my wonderful partner Alex and have been focusing on some of my passions, including writing, hiking, singing, and baking. A fun fact about me is that I am a trained stained-glass artist, and whenever I am walking around my neighborhood, you can be sure that I am always stopping to admire all of the beautiful, local stained-glass windows. One of the reasons that I connected with the AFLCR is because, as a newcomer to the Burlington area, I did not know many people with whom I could speak French. Becoming part of the AFLCR has allowed me to better get to know the community and to find local businesses that have provided me with a taste of home. In my role at the AFLCR, I hope to help others connect with our local, French-speaking community, regardless of whether you are new to the French language or a displaced Frenchie like me!