Level A2 104

This class concludes Module 2 of Latitudes 2 with a full study of Unité 6 and a thorough review of the preceding two Unités and includes an introduction to the B1 Level. Students should gain confidence in expressing disappointment and dissatisfaction both in written and spoken modes, understand and formulate basic invitations, as well as reuse the essential elements from Unités 4 & 5. Students have multiple occasions to submit and present written/oral work in addition to assessing their skills with the included Autoévaluation and DELF A2 exercises.

Language Requirement: Level A2 103 or equivalent

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 2 Textbook, Exercise Book and CDs

Language Communication Objectives

  • Understanding angry reactions to societal issues
  • Expressing dissatisfaction
  • accept, refuse or hesitate regarding a proposal
  • proposing to loan something
  • justifying one’s choices

Grammar points

  • pronouns Y and EN
  • uses of the subjunctive and it’s irregular forms
  • expressions of quantity
  • demonstrative and interrogative pronouns
  • expressions of frequency
  • review “greatest of” Unités 4 & 5

Society & Culture

  • Le dimanche et les Français face au travail d’entreprise