Level A2 103

This class will give you the language you need to talk about your feelings and emotions regarding current cultural practices in francophone countries. Students should gain confidence in encountering new travel experiences through genuine planning and reacting to unexpected setbacks. A number of engaging listening exercises help students assimilate phrases and structures indispensable for getting along and making yourself heard.

Language Requirement: Level A2 102 or equivalent

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 2 Textbook and Exercise Book

Language Communication Objectives

  • Express likes and preferences
  • Express joy and sadness
  • Express fear, worry and reassurance
  • Express surprise, anger and disappointment

Grammar points

  • nouns derived from verbs
  • comparisons with plus que, moins de…
  • agreement of the past participle in past tenses
  • le plus-que-parfait or the « had »  tense
  • the pronouns y and en
  • another round of the subjonctif  (doubt, desire, judgement and critical conjunctions)

Society & Culture

  • Tendances “vacances,” un séjour linguistique (vivre à l’étranger), et comment passer ses dimanches