Level A2 102

This class will give you the tools to prepare yourself to debate opinions while discussing current social issues. Become ready to defend your ideas and share your opinions with certainty.

Language Requirement: Level A2 101 or equivalent

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 2 Textbook and Exercise Book

Language Communication Objectives

  • Express and ask for an opinion
  • Express approbation or indifference
  • Express opinions with different level of certainty
  • Express intentions

Grammar points

  • Recent past
  • Possessive pronouns (le mien, le tien…)
  • Past Tenses: Passé Composé & Imparfait (more in depth)
  • Expressions of intentions (pour, pour que, afin de, afin que)
  • The subjunctive mode (more in depth)
  • Asking questions in a variety of ways

Society & Culture

  • Caricature: Between art and journalism