French Heritage Day in Winooski

Richard and Sandra pose as Samuel de Champlain and a Daughter of the King. An anachronism, to be sure, but still a lot of fun!

This year’s French Heritage Day took place on Sunday, August 11. Organized in conjunction with Winooski’s weekly Farmers’ Market,  it was fun for everyone. The AFLCR had its Information cart in front of the Champlain Mill. People who attended could get photographed as Samuel de Champlain or as a “daughter of the king.” Some entered their best tourtière (meat pie) for the tasting competition. Les Oignons Sauvages, The Wild Onions, performed traditional music. A great celebration of heritage!

Lise Veronneau
Mme le Chavalier Lise Veronneau’s tourtière won the contest.
Bravo Lise!