Level A2 101: Formerly Proficiency in French

Time to explore the language beyond the basics! We will dive into the nuances of retelling a past memory, while also talking about events and projects you are planning in the future. This class will also explore ways to express one’s opinion targeting a sense of obligation using the subjunctive.

Language Requirement: Level A1 105 or equivalent

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 1 Textbook and Exercise Book

Language Communication Objectives

  • Learn to describe someone
  • Compare something
  • Express a childhood memory
  • Express agreement and disagreement
  • Talk about future events, actions
  • Express wishes
  • Give and ask for advice

Grammar points

  • The imperfect tense (imparfait)
  • Past tenses: Using the passé composé and imparfait together
  • Comparative
  • Time indicators (en, dans..)
  • Simple future tense
  • The subjunctive mode to express an obligation or a wish (intro)
  • The imperative tense using pronouns

Society & Culture

  • Society and Fashion
  • Music