Level A1 104: Formerly Intermediate B

This class will get you ready to ask for and follow directions, as well as locate hot spots when traveling in Francophone regions. This class will also guide you on advising others.

Language Requirement: Level A1 103 or equivalent

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 1 Textbook and Exercise Book

Language Communication Objectives

  • Learn how to ask for and follow directions
  • Locate buildings / monuments in a city
  • Express what is obligatory and what is forbidden
  • Provide advice

Grammar points

  • Imperative (to give orders)
  • Prepositions of place (à gauche, à droite, …)
  • Passé Composé with AVOIR and ETRE – past participle agreement
  • Negation (ne… plus, ne… jamais, personne)
  • Verb FAIRE
  • Prepositions (à, au / de, du)
  • Il faut / verb DEVOIR
  • Relative pronouns (qui, que, où)
  • Pronoun en (in verbal construction with “de”)
  • Indirect object pronouns

Society & Culture

  • Architecture and nature / French overseas departments and territories