Level A1 102: Formerly Beginner B

Want to express your preferences with your classmates and learn how to talk about projects you have in the near future?  This class will also introduce a bundle of irregular verbs (and commonly used in every day language).

Language Requirement: Level A1 101

Course Material:  Latitudes Level 1 Textbook and Exercise Book

Language Communication Objectives

  • Learn to express your likes, dislikes and preferences
  • Communicate about projects and situations that will happen in the near future
  • Make polite requests to others

Grammar points

  • Verb ALLER (to go)
  • Near Future + time indicators
  • -ER verbs (more in depth)
  • Verb FAIRE + expressions / sport
  • Numbers >69
  • Pronoun ON
  • Possessive Adjectives (more in depth)
  • Expression: il y a
  • Articles: definite vs. indefinite
  • Plural of nouns
  • Pronouns after a preposition (avec lui, pour moi)

Society & Culture

  • Concept of relationships and family (and pets!) in France