Chœur en Supplément’Air Concert

On September 23,  Le Chœur en Supplément’Air delighted the audience at the McCarthy Arts Center with a concert titled “Il était une fois . . .le cinéma” (Once upon a time … the movies), featuring classic popular songs from francophone cinéma.

The choir, which comprises 400 singers from all parts of Quebec, is based in Quebec City. Its mission is to spread and share Quebec’s rich common heritage of French songs. This was the last stop on its tour of the northeastern United States,

Under the direction of Carole Bellavance, the choir’s founder and director, the choristers performed, among many others, “J’aurais voulu danser” from My Fair Lady, “Un violon sur le toit” from Fiddler on the Roof, “La Panthère rose” from The Pink Panther, and “Belleville rendez-vous” from Les Triplettes de Belleville. You can see the program here.

Most notably for the AFLCR, the performance was “a special choral concert in loving memory of Linda Pervier,” as the program announced. Linda was the AFLCR’s longtime president and an avid promoter of the arts. It was she who initiated plans for this concert many months ago. Unfortunately, last July, while planning was underway, Linda passed away from cancer. It was the last of her many projects for the Alliance.

Many of us were committed to fulfilling her wish to have this choir perform locally, so a crew of our volunteers worked hard to make it happen. The concert’s other sponsors shared our commitment, as the program notes: “We cherished not only [Linda’s] kind and generous character and musical talent, but also her uncommon gift for inspiring people of all different backgrounds to contribute to her many initiatives in the Arts. And so we are especially delighted to bring you ‘her’ concert this evening”

The concert was a fund-raiser for the the Visiting Nurses’ Association’s McClure Respite House, who cared for Linda during her final weeks; the Vander Heyden Endowment for the Arts at St. Michael’s College; and the AFLCR.

After the concert, a rock bearing the inscription “Chantons” (Let’s Sing) was placed next to the concert hall in the Teaching Gardens “to serve as a lasting reminder of Linda’s personal commitment to spreading the joy of music as well as thanks to Saint Michael’s College for its continuing cultural collaborations with the AFLCR.”

Thanks also to Jean-Guy Rancourt and Peter Vantine for helping make this concert possible.