Business French 101 returns to AFLCR in January

Business French 101 is back by popular demand! The Alliance Française of the Lake Champlain Region is reintroducing its successful French “business basics” to address the ongoing need in Burlington to cater to the large clientele coming down from Montreal and the Québec Province. Business French 101 can not only provide you with the basic vocabulary to meet and greet the Québécois, but also the cultural savvy required when working with French-speaking customers. Topics include basic customer service expressions, navigating your business, the Marketplace and Downtown, Québécois-specific expressions and concerns, and other ideas to make your place of business more “French-friendly.”

Contact Micheline Tremblay at or sign up online here on the AFLCR website.

Special thanks to Ernie Pomerleau and Pomerleau Real Estate and Ron Redmond of the Church Street Marketplace for their gracious financial and logistical support of this project.