Bastille Week Celebration

Special Social Hour: History of Bastille Day

On July 13, the AFLCR hosted a special social hour in honor of Bastille Day.  Lucas Dunn offered a special glimpse into the history of “le 14 juillet.” This beautiful and informative presentation was created by one of our wonderful volunteers.  It was held virtually via zoom.**

Bastille Day Celebration

On Wednesday, July 14, the AFLCR hosted for a fun, family-friendly celebration of Bastille Day, in Landry Park in Winooski. Festivities included live music, a bake sale, a book sale, lawn games, a special Bastille Day give-away, and more. The Maudite Poutine food truck served up some yummy poutine throughout the event. The AFLCR’s Bastille Day Celebration was the place to be on July 14! À très bientôt!

Trivia Night, Bastille Day Edition

On Thursday, July 15, the AFLCR hosted French-themed night of Trivia via Zoom. Trivia junkies, Francophiles, and those looking for a fun break tested their knowledge of French food, sports, cinema, and much more during this special Bastille Day edition of Jeopardy! Night. The winner of the Jeopardy! competition received a mystery grand prize to celebrate their knowledge of all things French! With all of this in store, there was no reason to be anywhere else on July 15th! À très bientôt!

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