Rencontre francophone at St. Albans

A series of cross-border Francophone gatherings

Fest Noz: A Breton Tradition

Cette fête pleine de joie suit les vieilles traditions de la Bretagne, région celtique du nord-ouest de la France. Le Fest Noz breton a été nommé patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO. C’était une soirée bien spéciale avec Timothy…

Quebec Film Festival

A scene from the film "Bagages" (2018)

Join us!

The AFLCR needs your involvement to continue offering its many unique and valuable offerings. Won’t you consider volunteering on a Committee of your choice to make “All Things French” possible in our community? If you’re…

Chœur en Supplément’Air Concert

A Quebec choir performed a concert of French movie songs--to honor the memory of Linda Pervier, the AFLCR's late beloved president.

Martine Pagan on the history of French language

On September 7, Martine Pagan shared her expertise on the French language before a packed audience of local francophones. Her wide-ranging discussion of the development of the French language was wide-ranging and riveting. Some of…

Remembering Linda Pervier

Her legacy is visible everywhere.

Paintings by Quebec artist L’OR

A painting by the Quebec artist Louise Rouleau, known as L'OR

Nancy Gauvin on bilingualism

How knowing more than one language affects the brain