How Did Burlington and Honfleur Become Sister Cities?

Evolution of a friendship

Bienvenue ami(e)s de Honfleur! Welcome friends from Honfleur!

A group of friends from Honfleur visit Burlington, October 10-17

Pause-Déjeuner: The Merci Train

Our presentation of September 21

Le Vent du Nord dazzles at New World Festival

Quebec music, from spontaneous jamming to global entertainment

Wikipedia 250 Years Ago

Diderot's monumental Encyclopédie was on display at Middlebury Special Collections for a day. We went there.

July 14: Don’t Call It Bastille Day!

It's "La Fête Nationale Française”

Exploring Ancestry and Identity

Thoughts on "Les Filles du QUOI?"

Lumière in Burlington

Cinema history long had it that the Lumières produced their Autochrome plates only in France, but thanks to Hugo Martínez-Cazón, we now know that the brothers built a factory in Burlington!

Québécois expressions!

On March 21 Marie-Joseé Duquette, of the Quebec Delegation to Boston, shared her thoughts about her native Quebec, her love for its culture, and not least, some of its distinctive expressions. Here are a few…