AFLCR Cine-club and Social Hour to return online in April and May

Le Mois de la Francophonie events have been postponed to later in the year, so we hope to see you at the flag-raising event and Gala Dinner fundraiser when life returns to normal. Pierre Bensusan cancelled his tour in America, and other typical venues like the Vermont International Film Festival have been shuttered to avoid crowds of people mingling. Conventional classes were shut down in Burlington and Montpelier locations, but teachers in both areas are hoping work with Zoom will allow them to stay connected with their students. “Distance learning is an opportunity for us to explore the technology we need to keep students engaged and immersed in the langage,” explains long-time teacher Marc Juneau. “It’s unfortunate it took COVID-19 to force the measure, but if we can adapt, it means we’ll be able to bring French classes to Plattsburgh or other remote points in the future, not to mention possible home-schooling opportunities for younger students.”

With area restaurants and cafés closed temporarily, and the border with Quebec being shut now to all but essential travel, it is obviouis the AFLCR can’t conduct “business as usual.” While organizers are optimistic an upcoming April 19 “Rencontre culturel” could still take place in Burlington, they’ve foreseen postponing until June 24 so visitors from Quebec can once again circulate into Vermont freely to celebrate the Canadian National Holiday.

Be sure you’ve signed up for the monthly newsletter to stay abreast of our efforts to keep you connected to our close-knit community, and while waiting to pick up where we left off, we encourage friends and family to shelter in place and avoid making the contagion worse for health-care workers and those most vulnerable to the disease.